Get the Right Safety Features Package for You on the GMC Acadia

By Justin Cupler | June 11th, 2018


Cars have come a long way in safety and security in the past ten years. The GMC Acadia gets added visibility thanks to sensors on the front and rear of the SUV as well as a 360-degree camera system that can let you see every exterior corner. Plus, the available vibrating drivers’ seat alerts you to potential hazards on the road and tells you which direction to focus your attention. With so much new active safety tech, it can be hard to know what it all does. Below is a breakdown of the available Driver Alert Packages on the GMC Acadia so you’ll be able to choose the one that’s right for you.

The 2018 Acadia is available in two trims, the base SLE and upgraded SLT before ascending to the high-end Denali model that comes with all the bells and whistles. The SLE and SLT trims are both divided into the standard and elevated versions of each trim, with the SLE-1 being the most basic, standard model and the SLT-2 ranking just below the Denali. The following Driver Alert Packages are available depending on which trim you choose and they each come with their benefits.

Driver Alert Package I is available on SLE-2 and standard on SLT-1. By choosing this package, you’ll benefit from the most utilitarian of the new active safety tech and gain some peace of mind. The lane change alert with side blind zone alert shows a symbol in the outside mirror to tell you if a car is hiding in your blind spot; if you activate your turn signal the driver’s display will flash as an extra warning not to change lanes. The rear cross traffic alert uses radar sensors to warn you of approaching cross traffic when backing up – this is especially useful in tight parking lots. Plus, the rear park assist provides you with visual alerts and an audible warning when you’re close to other cars, so you can prevent doing damage to your car or others when backing up.

Driver Alert Package II is standard on SLT-2 and Denali for drivers who want a little extra assistance. In addition to all the features from Package I, you can also benefit from low speed forward automatic braking which can apply pressure to the brakes if an obstacle is detected in front of the vehicle at low speed. The front pedestrian detection uses the same radar and sensors to look out for individuals in the Acadia’s path and will alert the driver as well as activate the brakes to deter a collision. GMC made your safety and the safety of those around you a top priority with these new features.

With the Driver Alert Package II, you’ll also get smarter visibility thanks to the IntelliBeam automatic headlamps that not only turn on by themselves when it’s dark, but also will detect oncoming headlights or taillights and switches to low beams to avoid blinding other drivers on the road. The surround vision cameras provide a ‘birds’-eye’ view of the Acadia so you can navigate tight spaces, mitigate blind spots, and park with more clarity and confidence. See behind you with the rear cross traffic alert that uses radar to detect vehicles approaching from either side when backing out of a parking spot or driveway. The safety alert drivers’ seat works in tandem with this alert to tell you which side the vehicle is coming from, directing your attention intuitively. Plus, with the lane keep assist and following distance indicator, you’ll stay within the lanes of traffic and keep a healthy distance from vehicles ahead, even in stop and go traffic.

Take advantage of these innovative safety features to keep yourself and your family safe on the road. The GMC Acadia selected the active safety features with the greatest impact to provide you with a mid-size SUV that’s ready to give you peace of mind no matter what you encounter in traffic. Test drive both trims and the Denali to experience these features first-hand and find the package that’s right for you! See our current inventory now to start picking out your new GMC Acadia today.

Images courtesy of GMC Media

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