3 things to love about the New 2017 Dodge Durango

Dodge has not forgotten about the Durango, and neither should you. This 3-row SUV can still pack a powerful punch and is part of Fiat Chrysler’s most recent five-year plan to recast Dodge as “America’s mainstream performance brand.” Take a look at what makes this vehicle stand out.



  1. The Engine

The available Hemi V-8 engine earns hefty 295 horsepower and 260 pound-feet at 4000 RPMs. Not bad at all. You’ll want to drag race with the other parents and leave them in your dust with the zero to 60 mph in a mere 6.2 seconds. The power is still under the hood.


  1. The Driving Experience

Since this vehicle doesn’t derive it’s chassis from a mainstream mid-size sedan but a rear-driver from the DaimlerChrysler era, it has a more sophisticated and almost European feel to its handling. The Durango is confidently responsive, and the suspension is so well tuned you’ll rarely ever notice how bumpy the roads are again.



  1. The Seating

With a choice between two rows or three rows, you can customize this vehicle at the time of purchase to suit exactly and only your needs. And all three rows are available as leather-trimmed seats that are basically borrowed from the Dodge Viper sports coupe. So that sporty racecar feeling isn’t just for the driver anymore.

Take a closer look at what the Dodge Durango can do for you when you test drive one with us. Shop our online inventory or call to schedule your test drive today!

Photos are courtesy of CarandDriver.com.

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