Chevy Bolt EV Earns Car of the Year

Bolt EV Garber

Exemplifying the industry shift toward electric vehicles, the Chevrolet Bolt EV earned the 2017 North American Car of the Year Award. With the impressive range and even more exciting price tag, the Bolt EV is setting a new standard for electric vehicles.

Thanks to some cunning innovation with battery-life preservation and kinetic power generation, you can forget about range anxiety. The Chevy Bolt EV has a proven range of more than 200 miles on a single charge and the helpful instrumentation in the dash allows you monitor and manage the battery in a way that almost gamifies it. It records your routes and energy exertion on each trip so you can try to beat it next time.

Before incentives, the base Bolt EV rings up on the higher end at $37,495. But after federal rebates, the take home price is closer to $30 thousand flat which puts it within easy reach for the average American driver. Chevrolet is adamantly inviting the general public to start the transition to all electric vehicles.

Chevrolet Bolt EV Garber

And they could not have chosen a better car for it. Not only are the range and price tag pleasing, but also the capacity and power within this vehicle are sure to delight. The seats are a little thinner adding an extra inch in the back seat and because there’s not as much bulk under the hood, the dash is slimmer and offers more leg room in the front.

Just because there’s less bulk under the hood, doesn’t mean this car is short on power. It earns a respectable 200 horsepower with 266 pound-feet of torque that feels like the car picks up the road and throws it behind you. Aptly named, the Bolt moves with more pep than you thought possible – clocking a 0-60 acceleration time under seven seconds.

It’s easy to see why the Chevrolet Bolt EV earned the 2017 Car of the Year Award and it’s ready for your test drive now at Garber Chevrolet. Talk to one of our team members today to schedule a time to come in and check out this trendsetting vehicle today.

Chevy Bolt EV Garber

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