9 Easy Gifts for the Car Enthusiast

Finding the perfect gift for everyone is tough – that’s why we put together this holiday gift guide for your car enthusiast! Whether they’re into fixing up their car or making it look good, here are some helpful gifts they’re sure to enjoy.

1. Tool Set

A craftsman is only as good as his tools, and your at-home mechanic deserves the best. A solid wrench set, a nice ratchet with a variety of sockets, and quality screwdrivers can make any car-fix an easy task. We polled our mechanics to see what they use at home, and Crescent’s 170-Piece Mechanics Tool Kit was a top answer. You can find it online here.

2. Remote Start

No one likes getting into a car that’s been baking in the sun for hours. With a remote start, they can cool down their car before getting in it and drive off in comfort. Your dealership can install this for you, just make an appointment to bring in your vehicle at your convenience.


3. Flashlight

Let there be light! Not every mechanic has a little helper to assist around the garage, so you’ll need to keep your light properly pointed on your own. This flashlight has a 360-degree rotating hanging hook for all over illumination, a powerful magnetic base that tilts so you can focus the beam where you need it and it’s rechargeable via micro USB cable – the same as most Android phones! A handy addition to any home mechanic’s tool set. Get it here.

4. Running Boards

Add a finishing touch that’s aesthetically pleasing yet functional with running boards. These elevate the look and feel of a truck from plain to beautiful and are surprisingly affordable! Call our parts department to see what we have in stock for your truck, jeep or SUV. We also order parts and install them for you.

5. Car Care Kit

Help them keep their car in top shape with a complete car care kit. Maintenance isn’t only for under the hood; it’s best to gently wash and condition leather car seats, polish glass, and protect tires from the grime they pick up on the roads. Find our more here.

6. Window Tint

Add some tint to their windows. Tinting actively shades your car to keep it cooler – but a tint also makes their car look cooler too. Be honest. Our service center professionals are ready to help you apply the perfect tint. Call today to make an appointment.

7. Quick-Jump Kit

There’s no such thing as “too prepared” and with a portable quick-jump kit they can save the day even when there’s not another car around to jump with. These portable batteries pack a powerful punch for being so little and can really put your mind at ease – this is the kind of gift you hope they never have to use, but you’ll be glad they have it. Check out the variety here.

roadside assistance

8. Roadside Assistance Kit

No one does Roadside Assistance like AAA, and that’s why their kit is the one we go to for our own vehicles. With everything from basic tools to ponchos to heavy duty booster cables, you can send your car enthusiast out into the world prepped to take on any situation. Find one here.

9. Floor Mats

Keep that vehicle looking shiny and new with durable floor mats that custom fit to their vehicle. Your local dealership has what you need either in stock or on order. Contact one of our specialists to get the best fitting mats for their vehicle so they can show it off for years to come.

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