What Buick’s Secret to Better Driving? OnStar Smart Driver

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In recent years, the collection of personal data has taken off exponentially. People track their walking habits with a bracelet, they track their eating habits with an app, and even track their budget in a program all with the intention of living a happier, more streamlined life. So what if you could track your driving habits to make yourself a better driver?

With Buick’s OnStar Smart Driver you can make your data work for you. With this opt-in service on most 2015-17 Buick models as part of the OnStar Basic Plan, you can track the vehicle’s overall performance reduce wear and tear, and monitor fuel efficiency. The more data you track, the more you can find patterns in your driving habits and make improvements based on your personal information.

OnStar Smart Driver tracks as soon as you enroll and gives you charts and graphs to help you visualize your data. Your personal information will include:

  • OnStar Smart Driver score – calculated with driving data that can be sorted by day, week, month, year and lifetime
  • Historical OnStar Smart Driver scores
  • Total number of hard braking events and where they took place
  • Total number of hard acceleration events and where they took place
  • High-speed driving percentage
  • Late-night driving percentage
  • Total miles driven
  • Average MPG and MPH
  • Comparisons to the aggregate total of all other enrolled drivers
  • Helpful tips on how to become a smarter driver

With the information provided in your OnStar Smart Driver account, you can start becoming a better driver today. It can even help you save money on gas or repairs for your car. Just another example of how Buick vehicles are getting better every day.

See our inventory of New Buick Vehicles to find your next dream car. Then contact our team to schedule your test drive today! We’ll help you enroll in OnStar Smart Driver when you’re ready.

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