5 Driver-Assist Gadgets Coming to All Ford Vehicles

Ford has been working tirelessly to bring new technology to their vehicles and create a 360–degree zone of safety around their vehicles. They’ve incorporated in-car helpers to give drivers more visibility and a better understanding of the road around them, even in snap-decision situations. Nothing can replace the drivers’ undivided attention to the road but in these fast times, the extra gadgets help.

The most recent additions to the Ford tech lineup focus on four main areas: parking better, avoiding collisions, steering around other vehicles in emergencies, and warning drivers of going the wrong way down the street. Ford officials say that they expect great things out of these added features and after feedback plan to triple their investment in developing their driver-assist technologies. Let’s take a look at what came out in 2016:

Wrong way alert

Hopefully, you’ll never need this one in your life. Most drivers stay on their familiar routes and know the roads in their area well enough to not drive down a one-way the wrong way. But if you’re the road-tripping type, this could definitely come in handy in unfamiliar territory.

Evasive Steering Assist

When you come upon a situation on the road, it’s hard to know what the best course of action is in the blink of an eye. This technology helps you safely avoid freezing up when it matters most. It also keeps traffic moving smoothly and preventing backups.

cross traffic alert

Parking lots can be chaos and it’s hard to see around neighboring vehicles to know if you’re good to go. This technology prevents many such accidents.

rear wide view cam

Craning your neck and using your mirrors work well when backing out, but for another layer of visibility, you can use the camera to see things lower to the ground or shorter than the vehicles surrounding you.

active park assist

Even if you’re a parking expert, you have to admit this is pretty impressive. With minimal help from you, this system ensures the perfect park every time. We can’t get everyone to use it, but at least you know you’ll never again be “that guy.”


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