Get Your Aftermarket Lift Kit for Your Ranger or F-150 Here

By Justin Cupler | September 19th, 2019

Most Ford F-150 and Ranger buyers opt for the added utility four-wheel drive offers, as they like to take their pickups off the beaten path without fear of getting stuck. Some buyers, though, prefer to take their off-road journeys a little further and need the help of a higher ride height and off-road-tuned suspension, but swapping these components out may void their new-truck warranty. Ford Performance and Garber Automall are here to help with the new Ford Performance off-road leveling kits.

Ranger and F-150 owners and shoppers can have us install these kits and get the lift they need without voiding their warranty. What’s more, these kits also include limited warranties on their components, so you can rest assured they’re covered if there is a component failure.

The off-road leveling kits for the new Ranger and F-150 include new aluminum FOX shock bodies, revised front coil-over springs, vehicle-specific front mounts with polyurethane bushings, and 2-inch front lifts to level the front and rear of the truck.

With these components installed, the Ranger and F-150 both have increased ride height. The Ranger will also see a 21% increase in breakover angle and a 10% increase in breakover angle. The new F-150 with the 145-inch wheelbase will see about a 22% increase in approach angle and a 7% increase in breakover angle.

These kits are available for installation now at Garber Automall serving the Orange Park, Jacksonville, and Fleming Island. They run $1,495 before installation and fit the 2019 Ford Ranger and 2015-19 Ford F-150. Don’t have a Ranger or F-150 to install these kits on yet? Stop by our showroom and check out our in-stock Ranger and F-150 models too.